No one expects to be injured on the job, but thousands of people go into work for the day only to find themselves sitting in the emergency room before the shift is over. There are a variety of types of injuries that may send you to the ER after you’ve been hurt on the job but some are more common than others. Some of the most common workplace injuries include:

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Slips & Falls

Slips and falls at work seem to occur more often than you’d think and when they occur, there is considerable damage caused. Slip and fall accidents occur because of many different issues, be it liquids spilled in the floor and not cleaned to rushing and slipping. Slip and fall accidents can leave an employee with a multitude of injuries.

Falling Objects

Proper stacking is important regardless of what the item or how it is being stored because if items are not stacked correctly, they can fall on top of people walking underneath, causing some pretty serious injuries. This is a common workplace injury that many employees endure every single year.

Repetitive Injuries

Repetitive injury accidents are those that occur due to repetitive use of a particular area of the body over a prolonged period of time. These injuries range from problems with the hands and wrists to issues with the back and the shoulders.

This is a short list of common workplace injuries and many others can affect an employee at a company.

How to Handle Your Injury

If you are injured at work, the first thing to do is notify your supervisor. Next, get the medical attention that you need. Third, file a workers compensation claim which covers damages no matter who is at fault. Fourth, get in touch with an experienced work related injury lawyer hillsboro or if you face issues with you claim.