Don’t wait to file for child support for your children. The other parent may provide a slew of excuses as to why you should not seek child support, but listen to none of those things. Your Children deserve child support and financial support from both of their parents. Don’t assume you make enough money to cover expenses and do not give the other parent an excuse not to pay. They made the children and it is their responsibility to pay for the children. The monies paid by the other parent can be used to start a trust fund for the child or for many other purposes.

If you are separated from the child’s parent, or if you were never married in the first place, talk to a lawyer about filing for child support yorktown heights ny. Lawyers make the entire process much easier because it can be quiet complex where child support is concerned. There is some paperwork to complete to file for child support. Be prepared to provide personal details on this paperwork. You’ll also need to provide details about the child’s parent, including their social security number if it is known. Once the paperwork is completed, the attorney and the courts will handle the rest.

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You can expect a court date to be set in the matter within a few weeks’ time. Most courts wait until the other parent has been served with paperwork, but since this is not always possible, not all courts wait. The court hearing will look at the incomes of the parents to determine a fair amount of support from the absent parent. It can take several weeks to complete the court process and a few more for payments to begin. The court proceedings can go through regardless of whether the absent parent attends the court hearing.