Nothing ruins a night faster than getting arrested but in a small town like Wayne County, it is certainly possible even when you mean well. If you have the unfortunate experience of going to jail, make sure the five pieces of information are on the top of your mind. With this information in mind, you’ll make it through this devastating experience a little bit easier.

Wayne County bail bonds

1.    Don’t Say a Word: Your Miranda rights give you the right to remain silent. Use that right. You can get yourself into more trouble if you decide to start talking and you better believe they’ll use anything they can against you when it is time to go to court. Do not give them that opportunity.

2.    Call a Bondsman: Getting out of jail fast is all that is on your mind. You can use Wayne County bail bonds to get out of jail quickly. Have a bondsman on hand to call just in case you go to jail.

3.    One Phone Call: You will be able to use the phone after you’ve been processed into jail and not before. So, do not expect to immediately make a call once you are behind bars. It may be several hours before you can call a loved one or a bondsman.

4.    Stay Calm: It is easy to say when you’re not behind bars but hard when the clank of the metal doors is in your ears. But, if you get upset it will only make your situation worse. Stay calm and relaxed and you’ll be out of jail before you know it.

5.    Call a Lawyer: You probably shouldn’t worry about a lawyer while you’re in jail unless you’re not posting bail. But, the moment you are free, call an attorney. With a lawyer representing the case, you have the best shot at a fair trial and the verdict that you deserve.