If a loved one has been arrested and put in jail, you probably have many questions about bail bonds, a convenient service that makes it much easier to bail this person out of jail. Below, find 5 common Q&A to questions related to bonds that can make the process easier for everyone involved in the situation.

1- 24/7 Service

Bail bonds are available day and night, including on weekends and holidays, too. Arrests occur day in and day out and a bondsman is always there to ensure that the person can get out of jail fast, no matter the hour on the clock.

2- The Amount of Bond

When using a bondsman to get out of jail, you’ll pay the bondsman 10% of the original bond amount. It is far more affordable to use bail bonds plano tx to get your loved one out of jail than using the court system.

3- Options Available

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Most people find bonds create a hardship on their budget, but not more than their loved one staying behind bars. To make it easier for families, bondsmen accept property bonds. Many also offer financing options and payment plans to ease some of the burden of the bond costs.

4- No Money Back

You do not receive any portion of the bond amount back, even if the person whom you’ve posted bond for is found not guilty of the crime. All fees paid to a bondsman are non-refundable under any circumstances.

5- A Great Service

Using a bondsman service alleviates costs and concerns associated with bond. It also speeds the process so your loved one is out of jail much faster than they’d otherwise be. Jail sucks and a bondsman is there to ease some of the suckiness of the day!